Costa Cruises: Sailing in Style

Costa Cruises is the largest cruise line in Europe and has 15 ships in its fleet, each sporting a different theme.

The Costa Fleet and the Destinations

The Costa Favolosa, the new flagship of Costa Cruises, has a fairytale castle theme.   From the regal decor to the legendary service, Costa Cruises will make guests feel like royalty.  It is scheduled to set sail in July 2011.

The Costa Deliziosa oozes with charm and appeal.  Its architecture and design tantalizes the senses.  With a 4D Cinema, a Casino, a disco, 11 bars and 4 restaurants, the offers absolute fun and excitement.  Costa Deliziosa sails to Dubai and the Emirates and to Northern Europe as well.

The Costa Pacifica is musically inspired.  One of the liveliest ships in the fleet, the Costa Pacifica, music is a constant backdrop in the entire voyage.  It even allows guests to make records in the ship’s recording studio which they can keep as souvenirs.  The ship offers cruises to the Mediterranean.

The Costa Luminosa, as the name suggests, is a tribute to light.  Light is used in every imaginable way to create a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere.  The ship sails to brilliant destinations such as Dubai, the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic and Russia, the Far East, the Norwegian Fjords and Eastern Mediterranean.

The Costa Serena is themed after the goddess of the sea and other Roman gods and goddesses in the mythical world.  Guests are made to feel like gods and goddesses as they cruise to   across the Mediterranean.

The Costa Concordia is the grandest ship in the entire Costa fleet.  Passengers can feel the excitement popping out of its futuristic and ultra-modern design and architecture.  With 4 swimming pools, 13 bars, 5 restaurants, a casino and a disco, guests will surely have the grandest time cruising to destinations in the Atlantic and Western Mediterranean.

The Costa Magica brings the charm and magic of Italy to cruising.  The Italian-themed ship is stunning and magnificent and allows passengers to discover and know Italy even before they set foot on its shores.  The ship also sails to the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic and Russia, the Norwegian Fjords and to other destinations in Western Mediterranean.

The Costa Fortuna features remarkable voyagers, fantastic voyages and legendary vessels.  Passengers can marvel at history’s most unforgettable journeys while making their own journey a memorable one.  The Costa Fortuna sails to the Atlantic Ocean, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Mediterranean, to South America.  It also offers Transatlantic Cruises.

Other equally impressive ships in the Costa Cruises fleet are the Costa Mediterreanea, another Italian-inspired vessel; the Costa Atlantica which is perfect for those who are lovers of cinema and of the arts; the Costa Victoria which is a showcase of modern architecture with its minimalist design; the Costa Romantica for the hopeless romantics; the Costa Classica with its inviting and classic architecture and design; the Costa Allegra which is perfect for those who want shimmery elegance; and Costa Marina, the most intimate ship in the entire fleet.  These ships sail to Bermuda, North America, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, among other destinations.

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