Compagnie du Ponant: Putting the French Touch to Cruising

The French care about the littlest of details. This is the principle behind Compagnie du Ponant’s operations, or so it seems, as it continues to impress passengers across the globe. You can expect excellent dining when you set sail with the Compagnie du Ponant or the Ponant Cruises as the line is more simply called. The restaurants of all of its five vessels are stewarded by excellent chefs. The line also boasts of intimate cruising, regardless of its vessel’s sizes.

Cruise Intimacy is not just about size

As the Compagnie du Ponant aims to prove, a cruise’s intimacy is not about the size. It’s about the way the crew handles its passengers. One of the Ponant’s ships, the Le Ponant, is a regal 88-meter yacht. The ship can carry 64 passengers and 32 crew members, yet keeps things warm and simple. The cabins are very charmingly designed with the restaurants and lounges built to keep all of the passengers relaxed. The yacht also has large staterooms and a sun deck where passengers can observe the night sky or the flora and fauna up close.

The Le Levant, on the other hand, is a slightly bigger ship which can carry up to 90 passengers and 55 crew members. While from the outside, the ship looks very majestic, making you think that you’d have to live with the stiff upper lip of most mega-cruises, Compagnie du Ponant proves you wrong. While the services are certainly first class, the ambiance inside is also very relaxed. The itinerary of the cruise can also be adjusted to suit what the passengers prefer.

There is a pool on the sun deck of the Le Levant, as well as sauna and spa facilities. Activities during the cruise will allow you to mingle with other passengers. If you prefer seclusion, though, the library is also a good place to be alone. They have materials which can help you appreciate the trip more.

The Le Diamant is indeed a gem crossing the seas. This ship is suitable for passengers wishing for longer cruises. The mood inside the ship is slightly more upscale and leaning more to mega-cruise culture. It can carry 226 passengers and 120 crew members. Despite the size of the ship, though, the ambiance is warm and friendly. You’ll be enjoying fine music, wine and food while you sail with this yacht.

The Le Boreal and the L’Austral definitely fall under the mega-cruise ship category. Each ship can carry a maximum of 264 passengers. The decks and staterooms of these ships are definitely more spacious, with the guests pooling at its wellness centers. Despite the size, though, both the Le Boreal and L’Austral make every one of their guests feel absolutely at home. If you’re uncomfortable about the size, you can at least marvel at the amenities of these two ships.

Cruise Fleet Destinations 

The Compagnie du Ponant is a big cruise line offering up to 214 cruises to the most exotic part waterways of the world. It has made legendary cruises to the Mediterranean, Antartica, the Amazon, the Mekong River, Egypt, and the Martinique.

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