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Galapagos Cruises—Up Close and Personal with Wild South America

Travelers who have been meaning to explore the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, Peru, the Amazon, and other exotic destinations in South America should consider cruising with Galapagos Cruises,  operated by Wildlife Vacations, Inc., Galapagos Cruises cruises offer smaller boats and inland transportation can also be provided by the cruise line. The luxury doesn’t have to stop at the cruise ship. The line has also been guiding guests through these areas for decades, and the ratings show that they know what they’re doing. 

Defining Small Cruise Ship Experience

Antarctic Cruises from South America

Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers James Cook, Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Scott with a cruise into one of the most incredible places on earth – The Antarctic.  On your Antarctic Cruise things will be very different to the first expedition into the Antarctic Circle in 1773 and unlike the North Pole it’s still not possible for ‘ordinary’ people to get to the bottom of the world where these great men once stood.

Galapagos Islands Cruises

The Galapagos Islands lie 600 miles off the coast of Equador and are reached by a short flight from Quito to either the Island of Baltra or San Cristobal. A Galapagos Islands Cruise is probably up there in the top ten places to visit for both animal lovers and divers but with so many options available how do you choose what’s right?

South American Cruises – a Diversity of Cruise Options

Cruising in South America is like no other cruise destination; it is probably one of the most diverse areas and covers a whole spectrum of interests.  There are beaches, beautiful architecture, famous cities, tiny villages, rainforests, waterfalls, ancient monuments, famous rivers etc. etc. etc. In fact the term ‘South America’ is a little misleading as it also covers Central America as well.

The area is so diverse that cruises can be as short as 7 days or as long as two months.  There are cruises from the very south which travel right into Antarctica and then there are others that take their guests through the Panama Canal, every region has something special to offer.

Amazon River Cruises – Adventure Travel

Cruising isn’t just about big ships in the Caribbean or even the sedate waterways of Europe it can also mean expedition and creepy crawlies.

Big Ship or Small Boat Cruise?

There are the bigger ships taking a 1,000 plus passengers along the Amazon, after all this is a big river.  These floating hotels are usually found in the lower reaches in the river between Manaus and Belem and offer their guests excursions in either smaller craft or transfers from the boat to explore on foot.