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Yangtze River Cruise to Chongqing, Three Gorges

The largest river in China at 6,300 kilometres in length and known to the Chinese as Chang Jiang or Long River, the Yangtze travels from the snow covered Qinghai-Tibet Plateau all the way to the East China Sea.

There are Yangtze river cruise ships suitable for every kind of budget from the local one and two star operators to the five star international luxury names.  There are three different cruise options, a 3 to 4 day cruise between Chongging and Yichang, probably the most popular, a 4 to 5 day option finishing at Wuchan or a 7 to 9 day option finishing at Shanghai.

Russian River Cruises – Volga, Svir, Neva

The Russian rivers of the Volga, Svir, Neva and their connecting waterways mean that it’s possible to cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg and more.  Following the river north from Moscow guests will witness rural landscape, hidden villages, monasteries and churches.  The rivers pass through the very heart of Russia’s cities some ancient, some modern but all with grand architecture and wonderful places to explore.  The majority of Russian river cruise ships are classed as 3 star hotel equivalent, there are however a small number of more luxurious vessels if 4 and 5 star accommodation is what you are looking for.

Rhine River Cruises from Amsterdam to Zurich

The Rhine starts its life in the heart of Switzerland and travels all the way to the Atlantic Ocean via Germany, Holland and France.  Along the banks of the river the landscapes are diverse featuring palaces, farms, vineyards and cities.  Rhine River Cruises are very popular for this reason, there is always something different to see along the way and so many places to experience.

Nile River Cruise – an Egypt Experience

There are many people who dream of going to Egypt; even those who have no particular interest in history feel drawn to seeing some of the countries famous historic sights.  For anyone thinking of going to Egypt for the first time there is one thing that you should be aware of…..You wont see the Pyramids on a Nile River cruise.

Now those who have been before would say that this is obvious, but not to everyone, there are quite a few people who book a cruise only to wish later that they had known a little more, it does happen.  So if you want to see the pyramids, the legendary sphinx and the Egyptian Museum take a cruise as part of a longer itinerary which includes Cairo.

Italian River Barge Cruise on Brenta River

As with most things, the Italians like to do it just that little bit better and with more style.  On a Sand Barge Cruise on the Brenta River you will not just be sitting back and taking in the sights, you will also be taking part in one of the most historical and popular events in the country, a truly unique experience.

French River Cruises – the Rhone and Saone

When most people think of holidays to France they summon up images of a gîte in the middle of sunflower fields, touring the country and spending time in small Logis or perhaps a grand villa overlooking the coast in Cannes.  All these images are idyllic however what’s even better is to take to the water, unpack only once and take in the wonderful scenery along the way without having to take on those crazy French motorists.

Danube River Cruise – Europe’s Second Longest River

The Danube flows through some of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns and beautiful scenery full of history, culture, art and music.  It’s Europe’s second longest river and the only one to flow from East to West starting in Germany’s Black Forest and finally emerging in the Black Sea.

The Danube in some way touches 10 different countries; Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungry, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova and because it connects with the Main and Rhine rivers it is now possible to cruise right through from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

German River Cruises – Breathtaking Scenery

German River cruises are unlike the cruises of the Mediterranean or other European sea cruises, the riverside landscapes of the towns and villages pass by with stops along the way to see beautiful valleys and vineyards.  Then in contrast cruises pass through some very modern cities with their grand architecture and castles, these sights are brought directly to you.

Ships sail overnight, so each morning brings you to a new destination with plenty of time to take one of the ships organised excursions or perhaps an independent tour into the mountains.  In the late afternoon when the ship departs for its next destination it’s time to take a seat up on deck and watch the beautiful scenery pass by as the sun goes down before getting ready for an evening of fine food, wine and entertainment.

Mississippi River Cruises – the real ‘Showboats’

These are the real ‘Showboats’, fancy paddle steamers that offer guests a chance to step back in time and relive a little of the bygone days of Mark Twain.  Today there are many boats that ply the river, many of them offering the chance of spending a day on this famous river, others offering a chance of an evening dinner cruise but there are also some of the old famous names that still offer visitors the opportunity to spend anything from two to five days aboard.

Amazon River Cruises – Adventure Travel

Cruising isn’t just about big ships in the Caribbean or even the sedate waterways of Europe it can also mean expedition and creepy crawlies.

Big Ship or Small Boat Cruise?

There are the bigger ships taking a 1,000 plus passengers along the Amazon, after all this is a big river.  These floating hotels are usually found in the lower reaches in the river between Manaus and Belem and offer their guests excursions in either smaller craft or transfers from the boat to explore on foot.