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Hurtigruten: Cruise under the Northern Lights

Before it was named the Hurtigruten, the Norway-based cruise ferry compamy was known as Norwegian Coastal Voyage. That was back when it was more known as a carrier shipping company.  With its new set of voyages and ships today, though, the Hurtigruten (meaning speedy voyage in English) deserves the name.

Its cruises are considered the most panoramic in the world. While the company hasn’t completely abandoned the cargo-shipping line, and its cruises aren’t designed mainly for luxury, their passengers are still spellbound by their Norwegian destinations. 

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Greenland Cruises: Exploring the Arctic Seas

Greenland is an autonomous country within Denmark. It is between the Atlantic Oceans and the Arctic. Due to its proximity to the Arctic, majority of its land area is ice-covered (despite the name, which suggests a country full of grass and meadows).

In any case, Greenland cruises may be among the more unique cruises you can find today. This country is immersed in Inuit traditions and Norse culture, so it offers very unusual attractions. Of course, the Arctic environment also gives the Greenland cruise a different feel. While many cruises focus on escapes to warmer climates, this one will traverse ice-covered areas and bodies of water that’s filled with icebergs, among others.

Black Sea Cruises: A Hidden Wonder

Cruises to the Black Sea has often been regarded as a well-kept secret. In fact, many of those who have been there would rather keep Black Sea cruises as a secret, far from the hands of commercialism. Unlike the Mediterranean Sea, which has been somewhat tarnished because of its popularity among tourists, the Black Sea remains to be pure and simple—basically what a vacation destination should be.  Definitely, this is a cruise that’s worth taking.

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Spitsbergen Cruise Holidays – Arctic Adventure

Spitsbergen is the land of the midnight sun, for between end of April and the end of August the sun never sets.  It is the largest island of the Svalbard or ‘Cold Coast’ archipelago and is half way between Tromso in the north of Norway and the North Pole, at 80 degrees north it’s also Europe’s most northerly point.

Norwegian Fjord Cruises Questions and Answers

The Norwegian Fjords are one of the best places to cruise because you’re right in the heart of the scenery, there’s no need to get off your ship if you don’t want to, you can sit and admire the view from you very own balcony or the promenade deck.

Greek Island Cruise Choices

There are several choices when it comes to taking a cruise around the Greek Islands.  There are the cruise liners from the well known international companies, there are the smaller local companies with ships carrying around 800 passengers, the small motor yachts or sailing ships and finally the romantic ‘ferry’ type boats that are used for island hopping; ideal for those with more time.  Cruises in the region take in many famous ports of call and some go further a field to Turkey, Egypt and Israel.  These cruises generally operate in the spring and summer months between April and October.

Mediterranean Cruise – Top Ports

A Mediterranean Cruise brings about images of crumbling houses with flower filled balconies, great historical sights and lots of different languages to cope with; cruising here has some truly great and varied ports of call.  All the major cruise companies bring their ships to the Mediterranean, some all year round others for the summer season from April until October, all have something different to offer.

Baltic Cruises – Scenic Beauty and Rich History

A Baltic Cruise is a wonderful way to experience Scandinavia and the countries bordering the Baltic Sea. The Baltic region extends from the Swedish and Finnish coast known as the Gulf of Bothnia, into the Gulf of Finland bordering Russia with its beautiful port of St. Petersburg and Estonia and Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark.

The area is packed full of history dating back to the time of the Vikings.  Buildings with tall spires and painted in glorious colours surround the shores lined with fishing boats and inland the medieval streets with their wide open squares, cafes and bars create a wonderful atmosphere.