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Danube River Cruise – Europe’s Second Longest River

The Danube flows through some of Europe’s best preserved medieval towns and beautiful scenery full of history, culture, art and music.  It’s Europe’s second longest river and the only one to flow from East to West starting in Germany’s Black Forest and finally emerging in the Black Sea.

The Danube in some way touches 10 different countries; Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungry, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova and because it connects with the Main and Rhine rivers it is now possible to cruise right through from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

German River Cruises – Breathtaking Scenery

German River cruises are unlike the cruises of the Mediterranean or other European sea cruises, the riverside landscapes of the towns and villages pass by with stops along the way to see beautiful valleys and vineyards.  Then in contrast cruises pass through some very modern cities with their grand architecture and castles, these sights are brought directly to you.

Ships sail overnight, so each morning brings you to a new destination with plenty of time to take one of the ships organised excursions or perhaps an independent tour into the mountains.  In the late afternoon when the ship departs for its next destination it’s time to take a seat up on deck and watch the beautiful scenery pass by as the sun goes down before getting ready for an evening of fine food, wine and entertainment.