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Top Five Things to Do on a Cruise

The general mood and most of the main itineraries of a cruise usually depends on the cruise’s destination. But, of course, there are some cruise activities that remain constant regardless of your destination. The concept of a cruise, after all, is the same whether your cruise is headed to Europe or South America—and these general cruise activities are part of the cruise conceit.

Here are the top five activities you need to do during a cruise vacation:

Selecting a Floating Paradise: Tips on How to Choose a Cruise

A cruise is often regarded as a floating paradise—and with good reason too. But not all cruises are created equal. The key to a fruitful and amazing cruise lies in the choosing. However, this is not as simple as it seems; it requires a thorough assessment of your needs and wants vis a vis what the cruise line can offer.


 The cruise’s destination should be the very first factor you’ll look into. The destination usually sets the onshore itinerary of a cruise so, basically, it will set the mood of your vacation.

Cruise Challenge – How Many Activities in One Day?

On a recent cruise I accepted a challenge from my partner to fill as much of my ‘at sea day’ with as many activities as possible, unfortunately this couldn’t include sitting in a deck chair and reading.  Challenge accepted.  Last night, before I went to bed, I placed my order for breakfast and read ‘Today’, the ships newspaper outlining everything tomorrow will bring.  The paper told me everything I needed to know including important navigational highlights, sunrise and sunset time, the all important cocktail of the day and what I needed to focus on, the section entitled ‘Your Day On Board’.  With pen in hand and I set about my challenge

Round the World Cruise 23 countries in 100 days?

Round the World cruises were once the realm of the rich and famous travelling on the luxury liners such as the Queen Mary, circumnavigating the world was not for ‘ordinary’ people.

Today things are a little different, although to complete an itinerary with the most luxurious cruise lines you will still need thousands in the bank.  However, if you have between 94 and 114 days to spare between January and April it’s a good way of travelling the world without having to worry about airports and carrying too much luggage.