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G.A.P Adventures : Eco-tourism Cruising

G.A.P. Adventures is certainly one of the top billers when it comes to eco-tourism. Environmentalists or not, travelers just can’t help but respect what this travel company is trying to do. Aside from immersing its passengers to cultures, away from the tourist traps which most cruise lines take them, they also have some of the most competitive cruise fares in the market.

Traveling doesn’t have to be Expensive

Quark Expeditions: Polar Cruises

The Arctic and the Antarctic are two spectacular regions which serious adventure travelers shouldn’t miss out on exploring. The cruise lines which have the technical skills to make these expeditions could be counted with one hand. One of the best cruise lines for the job is Quark Expeditions. While they’ve only been around since 1991, they’ve also received high feedback from guests. The ships run by the line have excellent designs built to withstand ice and hard conditions. The crew’s skills are simply top-of-the-line.

Polar specialties

Hurtigruten: Cruise under the Northern Lights

Before it was named the Hurtigruten, the Norway-based cruise ferry compamy was known as Norwegian Coastal Voyage. That was back when it was more known as a carrier shipping company.  With its new set of voyages and ships today, though, the Hurtigruten (meaning speedy voyage in English) deserves the name.

Its cruises are considered the most panoramic in the world. While the company hasn’t completely abandoned the cargo-shipping line, and its cruises aren’t designed mainly for luxury, their passengers are still spellbound by their Norwegian destinations. 

Excellent Meals and Entertaining Activities

Greenland Cruises: Exploring the Arctic Seas

Greenland is an autonomous country within Denmark. It is between the Atlantic Oceans and the Arctic. Due to its proximity to the Arctic, majority of its land area is ice-covered (despite the name, which suggests a country full of grass and meadows).

In any case, Greenland cruises may be among the more unique cruises you can find today. This country is immersed in Inuit traditions and Norse culture, so it offers very unusual attractions. Of course, the Arctic environment also gives the Greenland cruise a different feel. While many cruises focus on escapes to warmer climates, this one will traverse ice-covered areas and bodies of water that’s filled with icebergs, among others.

Spitsbergen Cruise Holidays – Arctic Adventure

Spitsbergen is the land of the midnight sun, for between end of April and the end of August the sun never sets.  It is the largest island of the Svalbard or ‘Cold Coast’ archipelago and is half way between Tromso in the north of Norway and the North Pole, at 80 degrees north it’s also Europe’s most northerly point.

North Pole Icebreaker Cruise

A North Pole cruise really is the trip of a lifetime; it’s a serious cruise for those with serious money, but is one of the most amazing places that anyone could visit.  Throughout history explorers and adventurers have used dogs and sleds, taking years to prepare for what would have been a terrific struggle.  Even today getting to the North Pole is not easy and it is still only possible for a very few, but maybe if dreams come true for some of us one day it will be out turn.

Antarctic Cruises from South America

Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers James Cook, Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Scott with a cruise into one of the most incredible places on earth – The Antarctic.  On your Antarctic Cruise things will be very different to the first expedition into the Antarctic Circle in 1773 and unlike the North Pole it’s still not possible for ‘ordinary’ people to get to the bottom of the world where these great men once stood.

Antarctic Cruises – When and What

Deciding on an Antarctic cruise is a difficult task, there are a lot of considerations as to which company to choose and which itinerary is best, after all these are expensive trips and it’s important to make the right decision.

‘When and What’ Will cover such things as when’s the best time to go, what kinds of ships are available, what’s the temperature likely to be, as well as covering some of the basic background information on what you can expect of an Antarctic cruise.

Antarctic Cruises from Australia and New Zealand

Antarctic cruises from Australia and New Zealand are not dissimilar to the experience that you would have on a cruise departing from South America. Some say that this eastern side of the continent is more extreme and that the journeys here take longer to complete.  Perhaps they are right but you will still see the same kinds of wildlife and still have some fantastic opportunities to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers in their race to become the first to reach the South Pole.

Arctic Cruises – What to pack

Arctic cruises do not always require huge amounts of specialist clothing or gear, just a few carefully chosen items can keep you warm and dry.  Temperatures during the summer months range from -15°C to 4° C (5°F to 40° F) so a good mix is essential.

Leave tight clothing at home.  Bring with you wool, silk or synthetic fleece clothing that leave room for your body to breathe and for air to get trapped between the layers, this is what will keep you warm.  Wind chill and wet are what cause you  to loose body heat so if you get hot and the perspiration cant get out you’ll get cold, so don’t overdo the clothing either.