Avalon Waterways: Cruises Detailed to Perfection

 As a traveler, you’ll just sense it when the crew you’re sailing with takes care to painfully make every detail of your travel perfect. Avalon Waterways does just that with their impressive itinerary and their ships’ top-of-the-line designs. Their recent partnerships with GLOBUS seemed to have done its magic. They have 120 cruise packages right now, all designed to fit very specific traveler needs.

Avalon Understands Diversity

Some people take cruises to learn more about the culture of a specific corner of the world. Others, on the other hand, travel to relax, commune with nature, and to experience the best that the world has to offer. Still, there are people who go on cruises mainly to socialize. The good thing about Avalon Waterways is that it doesn’t just stick to one type of traveler and it doesn’t try to please everyone with a single cruise type, either. That’s close to impossible.

What they do have is a list of cruise experiences or packages you can choose from. They currently have thirteen operating river cruise ships and smaller vessels to fit the passenger’s specific needs. These vessels travel to different parts of the world including China, the Galapagos Islands, Europe, and Egypt. With that line up, you can already see that they’re not catering to only scholarly travelers per se. They also have cruises for people who would simply want to relax. 

In 2011, they’re also launching their fourteenth vessel, the Avalon Panorama, which is a huge suite cruise ship with spacious staterooms. With this cruise ship, you’ll find all the comforts of a first class hotel while you travel. The ship is also built for slower, longer cruises, whose main theme is comfort. This is perfect for honeymooners and people who would like to get away from the stressful environment of the workplace. 

Cruise to Legendary Destinations

There are already eight cruises from the Avalon Waterways exploring China alone. Passengers can choose from ones exploring the countryside, including an 11-day cruise which glides through the Yangtze river and moves on to Beijing and Shanghai. There are also China cruises which allows passengers to look at the stark paradox between the cityscape of Hong Kong and the “magical” nooks and crannies of the old empire.

Among the European tours, the cruises to the Danube and the Rhine are the most popular. The Siene River cruise is also wildly romantic, with the rooftops of Paris’ famous structures piercing the night sky as you glide along the river.

The Egyptian cruises of the Avalon Waterways, on the other hand, are havens for scholarly travelers who wouldn’t mind the perks of a luxury cruise ship. The vessels of the Avalon Waterways are also installed with comprehensive libraries, so if you’re very serious about getting to know the areas you’re visiting, you’ll be quite happy with what the cruise ships have to offer.

While the Galapagos Islands may sound like destinations meant only for people whose primary aim is to relax during the trip, it’s important to note that the itinerary also includes walking tours for passengers who would like to experience the wild life of these islands. These trips are also culturally enriching, with the 18-day cruise exploring the Galapagos, Peru and the Amazon including a trip to the Inca’s old Empire.

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