American Safari Cruises: Yacht Cruising at its Finest

Imagine climbing up to a top-of-the-line vessel for a well-planned one-week cruise across the most intriguing waterways of America. To welcome you aboard, the captain of the ship greets you as you hop onto the boat, not just with a smile and a friendly greeting though, but handing you a glass of champagne and some welcome snacks as well. This picture-perfect scenario is what passengers can expect when they sail with the American Safari Cruises. Beyond the stylish hospitality of the crew, though, is the opportunity to experience the wild up close and personal.

Three Yacht Fleet

Each of the three yachts operating under the American Safari’s name is built impeccably, allowing it to maneuver well in difficult spots. Aside from knowing that you’ll be in the expert care of reliable captains driving a sturdy, easy to manage boat, you also get to experience the wild up, close and personal. Are you admiring a waterfall from afar? American Safari Cruises takes the trip a step further by coming so close to the waterfall, passengers on the outdoor deck could actually feel the water spray on their faces.

These are small vessels, though, with the biggest cruise yacht able to accommodate only 40 passengers. The Safari Explorer has a library, a fitness center, and a spa. Guests can choose between spending the time between stops studying about the flora and fauna they’ve encountered or keeping their bodies relaxed and in shape by going to the spa or the gym.

The Safari Quest is a bit more intimate and only about half the size of the Explorer. This cruise yacht has spacious and luxurious staterooms and panoramic viewing decks and lounges so its passengers can appreciate the route more. The yacht also has an in-house salon, and all the rooms are equipped with flat screen TVs with a big video library. While dining is a casual experience in this yacht, the food is first class. You can enjoy your excellently prepared meals with fine wine and brewed coffee as well.

The Safari Spirit is the smallest vessel, able to carry only 12 guests at a time. It’s the perfect vessel for small group tours with friends or family. The staterooms are also spacious, and the overall ambiance, casual without sacrificing luxury. 

Excellent Packages and Routes    

One of the things that the American Safari Cruises boasts about is that they don’t charge hidden fees for tours and cruise activities. Everything is all-in. You won’t have to worry about transfers to and from the airport, and fees for water sports, etc. They’ll detail all of your package inclusions clearly so you won’t feel like you’ve been duped into paying for something that only partially covers the trip.

The American Safari Cruises currently explores the waterways of Alaska, Columbia and Snake Rivers, Hawaii, and the Sea of Cortes in Mexico. The Sea of Cortes tour is currently the crowd favorite. It has walking tours inland, daytrips using inflatable boat for passages too small for the yacht, and an up close and personal encounter with migratory blue whales.

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