AIDA Cruises: German-based Cruise Line

AIDA Cruises has an impressive fleet of mid-sized vessels which boast of a “club” feel to them. The ambiance onboard all of the ships are chic but casual.  AIDA cruises target the German-speaking market and the language onboard their ships is German.  

The vessels can carry more than 1,000 passengers each. You’ll be traveling with a lot of other German-speaking cruisers. They’re preferred by families, and trusted for their youthful outlook and cruises to some of the most attractive destinations in the world.

The AIDA Cruises Fleet

The current flagship of the AIDA Cruises is the Aidadiva which can carry up to 2,050 passengers and 646 crew members. This vessel is celebrated not just because of its size but because of the number of luxury facilities it has onboard. Unlike the other AIDA vessels which have mostly self-service restaurants, the AIDAdiva pampers its passengers a little bit more.

There are more cabins built with balconies overlooking the ocean, more restaurants onboard which serve ala carte meals, a glass-covered Theatrium which has a lot of bars and entertainment centers to keep restless young passengers busy.

The AIDAcara and the AIDAaura are smaller vessels which can only carry half as much passengers. While they have less dining options onboard, their cabins are just as luxurious. Owing to the smallness of these vessels, though, less cabins were built with balconies. They do, however, have essential luxury cruise amenities including an AIDAspa, big pool decks, volleyball and basketball courts, and a lot more.

The itinerary of AIDA cruises is easy, with an emphasis on fun and fitness. Basically, the passengers are free to do what they like while the ship is sailing in between stops. There may be lectures and talks about a destination, but the cruises are mostly streamlined for passengers who like spontaneity and the freedom to spend the time as they please.

This is a family-oriented cruise line with vessels installed with kid’s clubs. The kid’s clubs also have their own putting area.

Fleet Itinerary

The fleet has a well defined cruise schedule throughout the year. During the summer, the three vessels explore the most attractive ports in Europe. Come wintertime, they cruise the Canary Islands, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. To date, it still caters exclusively to the German-speaking market.

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