Swan Hellenic Cruises: Small Ship Cruising

For well over 50 years, Swan Hellenic Cruises has been providing a classy small ship cruising experience to the discerning traveler and the crème de la crème of society. Other cruise lines have tried to match their ability to mix intimate and comfortable cruising with so much class, but experience does have its perks. With its sea-sailing M/V Minerva and A Rosa river cruising fleet of vessels, the cruise line remains a favorite of travelers. Their guest ratings are impressive.

Tailor-made cruises

These days, Swan Hellenic’s clientele isn’t just limited to the richest. When passengers visit their website, they’re asked to select budget, date and destination brackets. This helps the clients narrow down affordable cruises offered by the company. Swan Hellenic Cruises currently sails the M/V Minerva to the Mediterranean, the Norwegian fjords, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic, and the Baltic Sea. They also have river cruises to the Danube and Rhone through their smaller river vessels, including the A Rosa Stella and A Rosa Riva.

Each cruise comes with interesting lectures onboard. While there are onshore excursions, the passengers are free to do whatever they please in between stops. You can choose to take part in onboard activities, or simply read a good book, relax, or take advantage of the spa and fitness facilities onboard the ship. Swan Hellenic Cruises also attracts travelers who like to cruise alone and just experience the destination’s culture while being pampered onboard.

The Library in the M/V Minerva is exquisite, with a fine collection of fiction as well as non-fiction books. You can look up the flora, fauna and rituals you’ve encountered during the onshore excursion, or simply sit down with a good book written by your favorite author. The promenade deck of the ship is spacious. Here, you can soak up the sun or take photographs of the scenery.

Choosing your Swan Hellenic Cruise

Swan Hellenic Cruises have quite a variety of itineraries. Passengers can choose from the Grand Voyages, which allow them to get a quick look at several destinations in one cruise, or more concentrated cruises that can allow them to get to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the region of their choice.

The itineraries’ lengths also vary, from 9 to 71 days. The grand voyages around the world last for 71 days, and while the cruise fare may be pretty steep, the experience is worth it. The ambiance of all of the cruises is “casual”; however there are no recreational activities for children on the river cruise ships. Without stressing it, the cruise line designed its itineraries for well-traveled adults who appreciate the good, refined life on the boat.

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