Star Clippers: Sailboat Cruising

Aside from the traditional sailboat designs, the Star Clippers are also known for their informal but elegant cruises. They sail to the most attractive, sun soaked destinations. Guests are given the freedom to spend their time enjoying the yachts’ luxurious amenities, savoring the food, and connecting with the destination.

Three Magnificent Sailboats

The Star Clippers cruising line operates three of the fastest, most elegant sailboats in the world today. Their flagship is the Royal Clipper which can carry 227 guests. This vessel is constructed with three pools, hidden lookout nests, a spacious viewing deck, and elegant balconies. From afar, the Royal clipper may look like an apparition of a ghost ship, thanks to its traditional sailboat design. Once you get inside, though, you’ll realize that it’s one of the finest modern sailboats built today. Apparently, this ship also has a top-of-the-line navigational system.

The Star Clipper and Star Flyer have similar designs elements. Like the Royal Clipper, the two other yachts also have spacious and luxuriously furnished state rooms. The Star Clipper and the Star flyer are smaller than the flagship, though, and are able to carry only 170 passengers each. Passengers who sign up for the Star Clippers cruises are mostly romantics who like the comfort of modern ships but would like to pretend that they’re in a more romantic era, when sail boats actually looked like sailboats.

There’s something else that the cruise line adapted from tradition, though. While junior cruisers aren’t banned from the yachts, there seems to be no activity lined up for children. The ship doesn’t offer any youth facilities either, so if you’re bringing kids along, you may have to entertain and take care of them yourself. Most of the passengers who sign up for their cruises are in their 30s who are traveling by themselves, with an all-adult group, or those who are on their honeymoon.    

Sun soaked Destinations

The Star Clippers sail to the most attractive spots in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Costa Rica and the Transatlantic. While these stops may seem common on paper, the routes actually stray away from tourist traps. You’ll be taken to the least visited islands and beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sun without fighting for space.

Star Clippers cruises are also popular with divers. They can take you to the prettiest coral gardens. While they’re not known for their wildlife lectures, they do know what luxury travelers want from their cruise line. Scuba diving excursions can be arranged with the crew and snorkeling activities are possible, depending on the destination.  After a full day of exploring the sea, you can enjoy excellent international meals back at the yacht.

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