Seabourn Cruise Line: Intimacy with class

Small ship cruises usually market their tours as “intimate and casual”, with the mega-cruises catering to more glamorous travel needs. What Seabourn Cruise Line offers is a fusion of intimacy and class. When it began operating in the early 90s, its target market was the upper crust, offering upscale amenities in smaller cruise ships. Today, it continues that tradition, offering even more exciting itineraries to exotic destinations inaccessible to bigger vessels.

All-Suite Yachts

Setting sail with the Seabourne Cruise Line means suiting up for the good life. Passengers are welcomed by the captain and the ship’s crew with champagne. Inside all of the cabins are first class amenities, including designer toiletries, flat screen television sets, branded DVD and sound systems, an aromatherapy kit, and other luxurious bath products.

Everything about the structure of the ship and the design of the rooms spell elegance, but the passengers still feel at home while they’re onboard. There is no dress code for dining and passengers can wear smart casuals while they’re having their meals. The captain sometimes comes to dine with the passengers, and there are lectures onboard in between onshore excursions.

The ships also have spacious outdoor viewing decks where passengers can relax, nap, read a book, or avail of free shoulder and neck massages from the crew. The performances at night are always in-keeping with the ship’s destination. Expect folk dances and wine tastings throughout the cruise. Passengers can also sign up for cooking classes with the Chef’s Circle culinary program.

Exotic destinations

More importantly, the Seabourn Cruise Line offers exotic cruises to untouched ports of the Caribbean, Arabia, Africa, India, Asia, Mediterranean, South Pacific and more. There are also cruises to Northern Europe where passengers will be taken to waterways connecting ancient castles. These exotic routes have shallow waters which can’t be reached by mega cruises. The only downside to these shallow water expeditions are rocky seas. The ride may be a bit rougher here than cruises with larger vessels.

On the plus side, each destination offers one complimentary onshore excursion. You may be taken to one of Malta’s private villas, or toured through the canals of Amsterdam via a smaller charter boat. The Seabourn Cruise Line targets well-traveled passengers who would like to just relax and take in the scenery. This means that majority of the passengers are over 60 years old and earn big salaries, given the upscale amenities matching equally steep cruise fares.

The new 7-day cruises offered by the line seem to be attracting quite a number of younger, working class passengers looking for some quiet time. The Seabourn Cruise line currently operates with six vessels, namely the Seabourn Pride, Seabourn Spirit, Seabourn Legend, Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Legend, and the Seabourn Quest.

Some people might be familiar with the Seabourn Spirit who got a lot of attention in 2005 when it was able to escape from a pirate attack in Somalian waters. According to accounts, the waiters poured coffee for the guests while the incident was taking place, keeping everyone calm despite the grenade explosions and the machine gun shots.

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