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Great Lakes Cruise Company: Rejuvenating Trips through Placid Waters

In stark contrast to sea cruises, lake cruises offer a more serene experience. The waterways that separate the US and Canada bear some of the world’s most promising nature vistas. Paired with luxurious amenities and top-of-the-line small cruise service, the Great Lakes Cruise Company gives its passengers lake vacations they can’t have anywhere else.

Great things in Small Packages

The Great Lakes Cruise Company doesn’t offer any excuses for its small ships because they’re designed specifically for shallow waters and intricate nooks and crannies which can’t be accessed by bigger ships. The cruise line has five operating ships. The Grand Mariner, the Niagara Prince and the Grand Caribe offer adventurous itineraries, traversing the Great Lakes’ most narrow channels and shallow waters.

Summit Clipper Vacations: Grandest North American Cruise Destinations

Summit Clipper Vacations offers some of the best river cruising around prime locations in the USA and Canada. Visit the best spots in Seattle, Victoria, San Juan Islands, Whistler, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Portland, WA State and Canada. These tours attract both nature lovers and those who would simply want to sink their teeth into local culture and history.

 Summit Clipper Water tours

 While the inland attractions in most of these cities are places you simply mustn’t be missed out on, neither should you pass up the opportunity to explore the city’s waterscape through Summit Clipper Vacations. If you’re bringing your whole family to Victoria, the Orca Whale watching water cruise should be in your itinerary.

American Safari Cruises: Yacht Cruising at its Finest

Imagine climbing up to a top-of-the-line vessel for a well-planned one-week cruise across the most intriguing waterways of America. To welcome you aboard, the captain of the ship greets you as you hop onto the boat, not just with a smile and a friendly greeting though, but handing you a glass of champagne and some welcome snacks as well. This picture-perfect scenario is what passengers can expect when they sail with the American Safari Cruises. Beyond the stylish hospitality of the crew, though, is the opportunity to experience the wild up close and personal.

Three Yacht Fleet

American Cruise Lines: Home Away From Home

 One of the perks of small boat cruises is the mood. Things are generally more relaxed here compared to bigger cruises. Travelers can dine in shorts without worrying about stiff dress codes. There are also less than 120 passengers on the ship, so friendships forming between passengers is a greater possibility.

Meals, on the other hand, are as luxurious as in big cruises. First-class dinner is always matched with fine wine. American Cruise Lines designed their small boat river cruises so that it could bring back the comfort and intimacy of home without ever sacrificing luxury in the process. 

Hawaii Cruises: Fun and Sun

Hawaii is the only US state that’s composed solely of islands. It is famous for its tropical attractions and its amazing beauty. Despite being an American state, Hawaii has many attractions that’s solely its own. Although it may seem as if the many destinations of Hawaii have very few things to offer, you’d be surprised how unique and varying the sights you can see here are. Hawaii is truly an amazing tourist destination and it is through a cruise that you can fully enjoy what it can offer.

Mexican Cruises – the Mexican Riviera

Many people would love to visit Mexico with its Mayan palaces, rich culture and warm weather but never get here because the idea of poverty, crime and the language puts them off; but it doesn’t have to.  Cruising in the Mexican Riviera is a great way to see parts of the country in familiar surroundings and perhaps giving visitors the impetus to come again on a land based trip.

Mississippi River Cruises – the real ‘Showboats’

These are the real ‘Showboats’, fancy paddle steamers that offer guests a chance to step back in time and relive a little of the bygone days of Mark Twain.  Today there are many boats that ply the river, many of them offering the chance of spending a day on this famous river, others offering a chance of an evening dinner cruise but there are also some of the old famous names that still offer visitors the opportunity to spend anything from two to five days aboard.

Cruising in Canada and New England

The north east of America and in particular New England, are considered to be some of the most beautiful and traditionally American regions of the US, if you link it with its neighbour Canada a cruise in this region has it all.  There are cities; Historic Boston with its Freedom Trail and the French influence of Quebec and Montreal, there’s scenery; with the Valleys of Nova Scotia, beautiful beaches of Martha’s Vineyard and the traditions of the Innu nation at Sept-Îles.  An added bonus for those who choose to cruise in the autumn is the opportunity to witness the outstanding beauty of New England in the fall, one of the best times to visit.

Alaska Small Ship Cruises

Searching the internet for small ships cruising in Alaska brings up many companies with ‘small’ ranging from 6 to 380 passengers.  What’s clear is that they are not the huge all singing all dancing super liners that sail the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, these ships would simply be too big to dock here, but it can still mean more than you or I may consider to be ‘small’.