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Volga River Cruise: Europe’s largest river

The Volga River is considered as Russia’s national river. More than that, it’s officially Europe’s largest river. In fact, eleven of Russia’s largest cities are located at the drainage basin of the Volga River. This fact proves that the river is indeed massive in size.

But it’s also massive in touristy potential. Because of its length, cruises on the Volga River go through a number of cities, including major tourist destinations such as:

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Uglich

 Typical set-up

Experience Paris Through a Seine River Cruise

 The Seine River is one of the most iconic bodies of water in France. Considered to be one of the major commercial waterways not just in Paris but within the regions of the country as well, it is known by tourists due to its spectacular beauty. And since the river mainly passes through the city of Paris, cruising along the Seine River is like cruising along the iconic city itself. This is why Seine River Cruises are quite popular.

Attractions and travel itineraries

Rhone River Cruises: A Spectacular European Cruise

Rhone River is considered to be one of Europe’s major rivers. The river runs through major cities of Switzerland and France. This makes Rhone River cruises among the most idyllic and the most spectacular among the European cruises running today. Of course, Europe is more than two countries. But the cities along the Rhone River are representatives of what Europe is all about.

Travel itineraries

The travel itinerary of a Rhone River cruise basically depends on its focus. Most Rhone River cruises, however, focus on the South of France and, specifically, the city of Provence. This specific cruise is meant of travelers who want to visit the vine-growing cities of France.

Moselle River Cruise: Explore the Jewels of Europe

The Moselle River is unlike other major waterways in Germany. For instance, the Rhine River is within close proximity of several key tourist destinations. This makes that river a prime central location for viewing the popular key points of the country. But the Moselle River—which also passes through Luxemburg and France—passes through some idyllic places that are less well known as tourist attractions.

This fact doesn’t mean that Moselle River cruises are inferior to other cruises. This only means that the Moselle River cruise is more low key, focusing on the more quiet yet picturesque areas of the country. A Moseller River cruise is simple and refreshing, showing passengers the different side of Germany.

European Waterways – your luxury barge cruise

European Waterways lets you experience hotel barging with its fleet of luxury barges traversing along the waterways of Scotland, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The European Waterways Barge Fleet

There are 21 luxuriously appointed barges which boasts of state-of-the art furnishing and world-class amenities.  Each barge has the modern facilities yet maintains its cozy and rustic ambience with its antique and traditional furniture and decor.  Every barge differs in passenger capacity.  The smallest barge can accommodate up to four persons while the largest can fit in up to 20 persons.  It does not matter how many passengers there are.  All barges come with a complete English speaking crew which even includes an seasoned tour guide.  European Waterways offers many different types of cruises, each tailored to the particular needs of the passengers.

Dnieper River Cruise: A Picturesque Moving Paradise

The Dneiper River is a picturesque water thoroughfare. A major European river that’s connected to the equally beautiful Black Sea, this river runs through Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. As these countries may already suggest, a Dnieper River cruise is like looking into the unique history and heritage of these three nations. As a passenger on a Dnieper River Cruise, you will see several historical and religious sites that reveal so much about the world.

Major destinations

Russian River Cruises – Volga, Svir, Neva

The Russian rivers of the Volga, Svir, Neva and their connecting waterways mean that it’s possible to cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg and more.  Following the river north from Moscow guests will witness rural landscape, hidden villages, monasteries and churches.  The rivers pass through the very heart of Russia’s cities some ancient, some modern but all with grand architecture and wonderful places to explore.  The majority of Russian river cruise ships are classed as 3 star hotel equivalent, there are however a small number of more luxurious vessels if 4 and 5 star accommodation is what you are looking for.

Rhine River Cruises from Amsterdam to Zurich

The Rhine starts its life in the heart of Switzerland and travels all the way to the Atlantic Ocean via Germany, Holland and France.  Along the banks of the river the landscapes are diverse featuring palaces, farms, vineyards and cities.  Rhine River Cruises are very popular for this reason, there is always something different to see along the way and so many places to experience.

Italian River Barge Cruise on Brenta River

As with most things, the Italians like to do it just that little bit better and with more style.  On a Sand Barge Cruise on the Brenta River you will not just be sitting back and taking in the sights, you will also be taking part in one of the most historical and popular events in the country, a truly unique experience.

French River Cruises – the Rhone and Saone

When most people think of holidays to France they summon up images of a gîte in the middle of sunflower fields, touring the country and spending time in small Logis or perhaps a grand villa overlooking the coast in Cannes.  All these images are idyllic however what’s even better is to take to the water, unpack only once and take in the wonderful scenery along the way without having to take on those crazy French motorists.