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Viking Line: Ferry Transport around the Baltic and Scandinavia

Viking Line is primarily a ferry line, and booking a trip with them is the most budget-friendly way to get from port to port around the Baltic and Scandinavia. Passengers may also choose to book complete Scandinavia tour package which cover hotel accommodation and land tours. While the line doesn’t offer grand cruises, the ferry ships offer affordable city-to-city transfer to people who want to explore the region without spending too much money. Comfortable cabins and lively entertainment can be found onboard seven of Viking Line’s ships.

Viking Vessels

Pullmantur Cruises: Spain-based Cruise Line

Pullmantur Cruises is a Spain-based cruise line which caters mostly to Spanish speakers. Pullmantur Cruises was founded in the 1990s and was bought by Royal Caribbean Cruises in 2006. Pullmantur is one of the fastest growing cruise lines today, but is not so well known outside Spain. Any traveler would be fond of its destination line up, though – Spanish speaker or not. It currently has six of the best cruise ships around the world which sail to the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic, the Caribbean and other historically significant locations across Europe.

Pullmantur Fleet

AIDA Cruises: German-based Cruise Line

AIDA Cruises has an impressive fleet of mid-sized vessels which boast of a “club” feel to them. The ambiance onboard all of the ships are chic but casual.  AIDA cruises target the German-speaking market and the language onboard their ships is German.  

The vessels can carry more than 1,000 passengers each. You’ll be traveling with a lot of other German-speaking cruisers. They’re preferred by families, and trusted for their youthful outlook and cruises to some of the most attractive destinations in the world.

The AIDA Cruises Fleet

G.A.P Adventures : Eco-tourism Cruising

G.A.P. Adventures is certainly one of the top billers when it comes to eco-tourism. Environmentalists or not, travelers just can’t help but respect what this travel company is trying to do. Aside from immersing its passengers to cultures, away from the tourist traps which most cruise lines take them, they also have some of the most competitive cruise fares in the market.

Traveling doesn’t have to be Expensive

Windstar Cruises: Sailing With Class and Comfort

Operating with three vessels, Windstar Cruises has given its passengers two very vital things during the cruise: class and comfort. The cruise line has yacht-sized vessels with all the finest amenities any luxury traveler could ask for. They’re also quite known for their excellent first class meals, relaxed itinerary, and attractive destinations.

Sailboats or Cruise Ships with Masts?

Passengers often ask whether the vessels of  Windstar Cruises are yacht-sized sailboats or regular cruise ships with huge sail masts. The sails are definitely functional, although these ships only run solely on wind power when sea conditions are ideal. If you’re cruising the seas on a windy but clear day, you’re most likely to enjoy the peacefulness of old fashioned sailing.

Voyages of Discovery: Comfortable Cruising

Voyages of Discovery cruises attract travelers who like to keep their cruising experience low key. The razzmatazz of mega cruises is brushed aside here for more mellow nights with the ship’s orchestra playing in the background. While the M/V Discovery is a small cruise ship, able to carry only 780 passengers, they do have comfortably-sized cabins. The ambiance is very cozy and casual with hearty breakfasts and full meals served at the Lido Deck.

The cruise fares are reasonable, although these aren’t all-inclusive cruises. Add-ons for onshore excursions and hotel accommodations aren’t that steep, either, though. Overall, the line gives budget fares for passengers who are happy with a 3.8-star-rated cruise ship.

Viking River Cruises: Amongst the Best in River Cruising

Viking River Cruises is among the highest rated river cruising companies .  This is partly due to its fleet of Scandinavian-designed cruise vessels with airy interiors, all opening out to the view of the river. Of course, there’s also the fact that Viking River Cruises has been around for years. Their destination line-up is hard to beat, traversing the most scenic rivers of Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, China, and Egypt.

Comfort and Elegance

Victoria Cruises: Legendary Yangtze River Cruises

If there’s a cruise line that has totally dominated China’s Yangtze River, it’s Victoria Cruises. They currently own seven five-star vessels which tour passengers through the most important spots along the legendary river. For those who grew up in the city, the Yangtze would seem like a scene from a fairytale. As one of the most well-preserved natural wonders of the world, it still ekes of old dynasties and ages when poetry and philosophy ruled the land.

Yangtze Pride

Uniworld River Cruises: River Cruising for Young Travelers

While it’s certainly not the first in its field to try out river cruising, the Uniworld River Cruises do have the most number of destinations. They’re also one of the few river cruise lines to design itineraries specifically for young travelers. Most river cruises are marketed for retirees who prefer quiet afternoons to lively night events. This line offers more than 40 itineraries which would surely please young professionals on a break.

Luxury cruising on a budget

Travel Dynamics International: Educational Cruising

There are many types of travelers: the ones who set out to socialize, the ones who want to get away from it all, and the ones who are curious about what’s out there. Travel Dynamics International caters to the scholar traveler who’s curious about other cultures and who would like to retrace the steps of historical figures. The line specializes in “small ship cruising with a purpose”. Aside from relaxing, enjoying the scenery and savoring the good food, passengers also come back home with something more valuable—knowledge.

Themed Cruises