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Red Sea Cruises – Explore Egypt, Jordan and Beyond

The Red Sea is one of the four seas named after a color. Of course, the Red Sea is not exactly red—as a matter of fact, the water of the Rea Sea is amazingly pristine. It even has some of the best diving spots in the world! Of course, this makes the Red Sea a great cruise destination.

The Red Sea serves as the connection between the East and the West, and its location is important historically and geographically. The tourist destinations here are exotic and mysterious. A Red Sea cruise is a great introduction to what this part of the world can offer.

Nile River Cruise – an Egypt Experience

There are many people who dream of going to Egypt; even those who have no particular interest in history feel drawn to seeing some of the countries famous historic sights.  For anyone thinking of going to Egypt for the first time there is one thing that you should be aware of…..You wont see the Pyramids on a Nile River cruise.

Now those who have been before would say that this is obvious, but not to everyone, there are quite a few people who book a cruise only to wish later that they had known a little more, it does happen.  So if you want to see the pyramids, the legendary sphinx and the Egyptian Museum take a cruise as part of a longer itinerary which includes Cairo.